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Buyer Agency

Buyer agency is a relationship where the licensee, upon entering into a written agreement, works only for the buyer/tenant. Buyer's agents owe the additional duties of:
  • Loyalty to the buyer/tenant by acting in the buyer's/tenant's best interest.
  • Confidentiality, except that a licensee is required to disclose know material defects about the property.
  • Making a continuous and good faith effort to find a property for the buyer/tenant, except while the buyer/tenant is subject to an existing contract.
  • Disclosure to other parties in the transaction that the licensee has been engaged as a buyer's agent.

A buyer's agent may be paid fees, which may include a percentage of the purchase price, and, even if paid by the seller/landlord, will represent the interests of the buyer/tenant.

If you enter into a written agreement, the licensees in the real estate company owe you the additional duties identified above under buyer agency. The exception is designated agency. See the designated agency section in the Consumer Notice for more information.OTHER INFORMATION ABOUT REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS
The following are negotiable and shall be addressed in an agreement/disclosure statements with the licensee:
  • The duration of the employment, listing agreement or contract.
  • The fees or commissions.
  • The scope of the activities or practices.
  • The broker's cooperation with other brokers, including the sharing of fees.

A sales agreement must contain the zoning classification of a property except when in cases where the property is zoned solely or primarily to permit single family dwellings.

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